A very long journey to Siem Reap


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The plane took off pretty much on time which was a relief. We were pleased to see heaps of blankets on board. We had previously been told by Singapore Airlines staff that blankets were NOT available on that particular flight.

We were also pleased to note that NO meals would be served immediately after take off. On other night flights that we've been on meals have been served well after midnight which makes the chances of a sleep even less possible.

Sadly neither of us slept one wink. I don't think many others on the flight did either. At 4 a.m. the stewards were buzzing around with hot flannels. Very nice but a sleep would have been even better. After a while breakfast was served: sausage, omelette, potatoes and a tomato/onion mixture. Plus we had a roll, yoghurt and fruit. Very nice.


Ian checks out his beloved orchids at Singapore airport
Ian with some of the orchids he loves so much


The flight into Cambodia

Our landing in Singapore ran smoothly and we found lots of orchids to admire at Singapore airport. We didn't have too much time to kill before getting on our Silk Air flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia.

However we then sat on the Silk Air plane for an hour going nowhere. We were told we were waiting for a mechanic to fix something before we could take off. That is not confidence building is it?

Finally we were underway and the short, 2 hour flight was done.




Approaching Siem ReapView coming into Siem Reap


Arriving in Siem Reap

Because the plane was an hour late arriving into Siem Reap our arrival coincided with another airline arrival. Twice as many people needed to be processed by Cambodian immigration. We stood in a queue for well over an hour. This is despite us reading on Trip Advisor that the process generally only takes 10 minutes. There were several queues with masses of people in each queue. The immigration officials were totally unperturbed though. They took their time and even had sufficient spare time to gaze into their mobile phones and check how things were on Facebook. Needless to say the inbound passengers were getting crotchety. Things weren't improved when we could all see other officials wandering around, seemingly aimlessly. I guess this is a country where you don't move fast.



Our hotel in Siem Reap
Siem Reap airport

Finally our passports were stamped and we were on our way. A bus was waiting for us along with a heap of other folk going to the Raffles Hotel in Siem Reap. We were almost the last ones to climb on board.

Because we'd had an hour delay in Singapore plus another hour wasted at the airport, most of us were getting worried about the time. We had to get to the hotel, get signed in, un pack and be ready for our highlight tour to Angkor Wat in the early afternoon.

After a short journey, we hurriedly piled down the steps of the bus and found ourselves at a hotel that was steeped in old tradition. The staff matched the glorious by-gone era too. They wore amazing, old style uniforms. We were ushered into a large lounge room and all given a free, refreshing, fruity drink to revive us. We were told our rooms may not all be accessible for a while. This horrified us because we all had hats, sunscreen and walking shoes tucked away in our luggage. If we couldn't access our rooms how could we open up suitcases etc. to find our essentials? We couldn't go to Angkor Wat without these items. As it turns out they got the rooms ready just in time.


The Raffles Hotel d'AngkorThe front of the Raffles Hotel d'Angkor
Our accommodation in Siem ReapOur room at the hotel





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