We visit Ta Prohm


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Last night I had the worst leg cramps I have EVER had in my life. And this happened twice over. There wasn't one part of either the inside or outside of both legs that didn't cramp up simultaneously. It was agonizing. I hope I never have anything so awful again. I put it down to not drinking enough water the day before and to sweating profusely. I think I must have messed up the salt/water ratio in my body.


Breakfast at Raffles Grand d'Angkor HotelĀ 

Breakfast at the hotel was huge and delicious. It was a buffet affair with so many choices. It was great to chat with other folk from our group. They all proved to be wonderful travelling companions.

Breakfast at the hotelBreakfast at the Raffles in Siem Reap













Views along the road to Ta ProhmAlong the road to Ta Prohm
Life along the road to Ta ProhmScenes from the bus window



Ta Prohm blows us away

It didn't take long at all on the bus to Ta Prohm. We were so looking forward to visiting this temple complex because we had seen it featured on television. It is a temple that nature has overgrown. Trees grow out of buildings and building meld with trees. The trees are much the same colour as the old stone of the buildings. It really is quite an eerie place to visit. The walls are crumbled and pretty much totally in ruins. It is like the whole area has been swallowed by the jungle.


Ian photographingIan busy with his camera
Ta ProhmTrees smothering ruins



There really is a kind of magical and mysterious feel about the place. You can read more about the Ta Prohm here on the Wikipedia site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ta_Prohm


Ta ProhmYou could spend hours here exploring
Ta ProhmStone tumbled to the ground



Ta Prohm was especially nice because it was shady and we were there in the morning when it is a little cooller than later in the day. Way too quickly our time at Ta Prohm came to an end. It was time to get on the bus again

How we wished we could spend much longer here and investigate the place by ourselves. All this climbing around and wandering in mysterious places made us feel like children on an exciting adventure. We wanted more of it but Angkor Thom was calling us.



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