An afternoon spent wandering


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A walk around Siem Reap

The afternoon was free time to ourselves. We hadn't seen anything of the locale at all so we wanted to just take our time and wander around the place.

We firstly crossed the road heading for the river for a look see. The area looked nice and shady. It is called the Siem Reap River but it is only a small river and was not moving fast. No doubt the water volume was much less because of the time of year.

It was a pretty area but there certainly was a lot of litter on the road edges. I guess there are few rubbish bins here so where would folk put their rubbish other than on the road, of course.

We walked a couple of hundred metres but found the road was blocked for road works so sadly we had to turn back and retreat along the river back to where we started. It was a pity to waste such valuable time back tracking but there was no option.


The siem Reap RiverThe Siem Reap river was a pretty area to wander along
We found this water wheel along the river's edge



We wandered around without any particular aim, finding the famous Pub Street as we went. We poked our noses into shops looking for gifts to bring home. We were pleased to find another snow globe for our daughter who collects them. Then we found an Angkor Wat paper weight for her partner.

Gosh, it was hot and so sticky. We didn't wander anywhere near as far as we originally intended. We opted for a tuk tuk ride back to the hotel. It was an absolute joy to sit in the tuk tuk. I guess we were somewhat pooped from all the walking we had done in the morning too.

Back at the hotel we made a much needed cuppa and put our feet up for a while. Oh, the joy of taking the weight off your feet.

Later on we decided to head back into the restaurant area in town for dinner. It was really quite early for a meal but we were so tired from lack of sleep over the past few nights that all we wanted to do was eat, shower and sleep. We asked a tuk tuk driver to take us somewhere for dinner. We weren't bothered by what type of food we ate which I think indicates our exhaustion. He asked if we wanted REAL Khmer food and we said yes. We were immediately carted through main roads and back streets and deposited at the front of the Orchidee Angkor Restaurant. The name was very apt seeing as Ian is the proud possessor of a divine orchid collection at home.


Us two arriving in the tuk tukUs two arriving for dinner
The Orchidee Angkor RestaurantWe had a fabulous meal at the Orchidee Angkor



The service at the restaurant was a tad slow but we were happy to sit and do nothing except take in our surroundings. The meal was certainly worth waiting for. We had wombok with mushrooms, satay chicken kebabs and spring rolls. All totally delicious. The meal cost us a total of $19.50 USD which might have been more expensive than somewhere else but we were most happy with it. The tuk tuk driver waited for us to finish our meal and he took us back to the hotel. The tuk tuk ride back was so badly needed. Ian paid the driver $7 USD which was more than the driver was expecting but we were happy with his choice of restaurant.



Definitely early to bed for us that night. We had to be up early the next day for Day 1 of our cruise on the CruiseCo Adventurer.

Because the water in the rivers is so low at this time of year The Adventurer boat would not be able to anchor far enough up stream (as it would do in the wet season) so we were going to travel on a bus for several hours in order to get to a place far enough down stream where the boat could safely anchor.

Breakfast was to be at 7 a.m. so we knew we had to be up early in order not to have to bolt down our food.

We showered and fell into bed totally exhausted.



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