We climb on board the Cruiseco Adventurer


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On board the Adventurer at last

As soon as we stepped on board we were handed a glass of apple juice. Shortly after the boat headed out towards the middle of the river and we were on our way. We headed straight towards the dining room for lunch.

Before entering the dining room we proffered our hands and were given squirts of anti bacterial gel. It was very much needed after our bus journey. We hadn't got as far as our cabins at that stage so having clean hands before eating was most appreciated even if the rest of our body looked totally dishevelled.

We were able to choose where we wanted to sit for lunch (and every meal thereafter). There were dining tables of various sizes with most being for 6 - 8 people.

Whilst we were eating our lunch the Amalotus river boat floated past us. It was much bigger than our boat and carries twice as many passengers.

In the dining room Rosie soon identified herself. From the moment we came across Rosie we all loved her. She is such a credit to the cruise line. I swear that within half an hour of us all climbing on board she knew all our names. And that was well before we had any name tags on us. Rosie was so outgoing and efficient in her role as cruise manager (extraordinaire) and nothing was ever too much trouble.

For lunch there was a huge buffet of soup, salads and pasta. A la carte main course was served after that and dessert followed on. It was a magnificent meal. Alcohol was available for those who required it - not us, because we don't drink alcohol.

Whilst we were eating our lunch our luggage was being transported to our cabins. After we exited the dining room we were given the key cards to our cabins.


Cabins on board Cruiseco Adventurer

Our beds in our cabinSingle beds were our choice because we are such bad sleepers

The first thing we noticed in our cabin were the high beds. The mattresses were thick and sumptuous. It brought back memories of the Princess and the Pea story.

The floors were polished wood. There was a cabinet and bedside light alongside each bed, a dressing table/desk, two arm chairs and a little coffee table plus a TV and DVD player. There was plenty of cupboard space and a safe.

The bathroom was totally timber lined and felt very Swedish. There were plenty of thick white towels.

At the side of one of the beds a sliding door opened onto a small verandah. We loved the look of it all and were sure we'd be comfortable in our cabin.


We unpacked our luggage and settled in. It was great to be able to put our bare feet on the lovely clean timber floors. We went outside on our little verandah. We were so close to the water out there. I think if we had lain down on the verandah floor and dangled our arms over the edge we could have just about touched the water. We were pleased we had selected the lower deck.



Life jacket drill

At 4 p.m. we had to be up on deck for the life jacket drill. Everyone had already put their jackets on whilst waiting on deck. The crew then swiftly told us the drill was over and we could remove our jackets. How silly was that? I realize the river is very shallow at that time of year so perhaps there is little chance of drowning but I think the safety requirements should have been more robust.


Saigon Lounge on the Cruiseco AdventurerThe Saigon Lounge on the Adventurer

Meeting the Adventurer crew

At 6:30 p.m. we were invited to meet the crew in the Saigon Lounge. The lounge is a good size and has comfy armchairs, a bar and an area where you can make yourself a cuppa and have little edibles.

We learned how to say "Cheers" in the Khmer language. Each member of the crew came around and we all clunked glasses and we were offered some yummy little spring rolls.

Not long afterwards it was announced that dinner was ready. We all wandered down from the upstairs lounge to the dining room on the deck below.

Dinner was divine. The main course chosen by Ian and I was Australian roast lamb. Without a doubt it was the best lamb I have ever eaten in my life. Ian would agree. Fancy Australians having to travel to Cambodia to eat the best-ever Ozzie lamb. The remainder of dinner was just as delicious as the main course..

I had previously advised the company of my dietary restrictions and I was very well looked after by Rosie in that regard.

After dinner we whizzed back down to our cabin and I grabbed my ipad to take back up to the Saigon Lounge. There is no internet in the cabins. Upstairs in the lounge internet was available at times but it was quite slow. I managed to contact our family to let them know we were onboard and all was well in the world.

We ventured out on the deck and stood for a while with the warm breeze gliding around us. Later, in our cabins we found the beds were super comfy and it didn't take long for us to drift off to sleep.



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