We visit Kampong Chhnang


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Breakfast on the Cruiseco Adventurer

We woke up to find we were stopped in the middle of the river.

As with all the meals on the boat, breakfast was huge with heaps of choice. I found individual little yoghurts in various flavours that I particularly liked - one variety had aloe vera in it. I then had some muesli, followed by bacon and eggs and finished off with fruit. One of the chefs cooked the hot food to our requirements with masses of different ingredients available to go in the omelettes. The rest was buffet style. Ian liked the porridge. It really was hard to restrain yourself from eating too much.

Breakfast was always substantialWe found a wide variety of fruit was always available for breakfast
Hot food cooked and served immediately by one of the chefsThe chef cooked eggs to order plus other hot foods



Who wants to be orange and who wants to be green?

Whilst we were having breakfast, two little motor boats had pulled alongside of us. After eating we were told we needed to be in two groups. One would be colour code orange with orange badges to wear and the other would be blue with, of course, blue badges. We divided ourselves into two roughly equal groups. Ian and I were orange but you didn't have to "stay" as orange for other excursions - you could swap if you wanted. There were two guides, one for each boat. Our guide was called So Pohl and he stayed with the orange group until we reached the border with Vietnam. We set off on the boats at 9 a.m.


Kampong Chhnang - What Is There To See For A Tourist?

Find out what is worth looking at in this town - Kampong Chhnang

River boats carry us alongTwo little river boats ferried us to shore
Views along the riverViews along the river


We chugged along to the shore, all wearing our big bulky life jackets. I'd have to say the jackets made us quite hot in what was already a hot and steamy climate. The breezes on our faces were welcome.

A local ferry boatA local ferry boat ready to leave shore



Stepping off the boat in Kampong Chhnang

The water level in the river was so low but we didn't realize the extent of this until it was time to get off the boat in Kampong Chhnang. The river wall that protects the town was enormous. I've never seen anything so high.


Huge sea wall at Kampong ChhnangThis photo really doesn't do justice to the real height of the wall


So Pohl, our wonderful guideSo Pohl, our lovely guide with his orange sign
Street near the area by the riverStreet scene in Kampong Chhnang


So Pohl proved to be a wonderful guide. He called us his "Orange Family". We found it charming when he would call out "Orange Family please come over here"


Buddhist boys kindly singing for usSome Buddhist boys sing beautifully for us
A stall selling meat at the marketMeat sellers


So Pohl asked some young Buddhist boys if they would sing for us and they obliged. We then wandered around the upper market area on the road. There is another market area right down at the waters edge but we didn't venture down there.

A market worker showed us how she chews beetle nut leaves and that was interesting. We watched iron mongers at work, were shown a B52 bomb and looked at produce on fresh produce stalls. The meat stalls fascinated me. All that meat sitting out in such a hot climate with flies buzzing around, yet no doubt locals don't get sick from eating it.

It was soon time to climb back down the steps of the river wall to re-join our motor boats and head off to the floating villages.



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