Floating villages


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We are off in the motor boats again

With assistance from the river boat men we all clambered back on board the motor boats for the next part of the excursion. We didn't need to travel far.

So Pohl explained to us that on the left side of the river the floating village had power but the poor folk on the right hand side had no power at all.

We saw fuel businesses, wedding shops, general shops and more. A boat load of school children came past us heading home for lunch. Life on the river was much like life in any town - except everything floated.

We learned that a lot of Vietnamese people also live in these Cambodian villages.




Floating villageWe cruise past floating villages


Photos And Information - Life On The River

Extra photos and information on of the floating villages - Floating villages at Kampong Chhnang

Floating villageEverything is available on the river



Shops on the riverShops on the river
Local businesses on the riverBusiness as usual on the river



After cruising along through the floating villages we turned to head back to the boat for lunch. The warm breezes on our faces made me dopey and I nodded off once or twice.


Back to the Cruiseco Adventurer boat

As soon as we hoped back on to the Adventurer we were greeted with refreshingly cold flannels and a glass of cold orange juice. The staff on board certainly know how to look after us. We all handed in our coloured group cards. I guess those cards get counted pretty smart quick and the crew then know if they are missing any passengers.

As soon as we were all on board, the Adventurer moved off. We headed to our cabins and freshened up ready for lunch. My highlights for lunch were the seafood crepes and the snakehead fish in dill sauce with polenta.


So Pohl gives a talk

At 3:30 p.m. So Pohl came to the lounge and gave us a talk about Cambodia. Sadly the talk was mainly about Cambodian nature whereas it had been advertised as being about history. So Pohl was so nice we couldn't be cross with him about the lecture. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on deck or in the lounge.

Dinner was at 7 p.m. followed by a movie - The Killing Fields. I was too tired to watch the film so I came back to the cabin. Ian stayed up in the lounge and watched it.



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