The ox cart ride


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Moored on the river bank - Kampong Tralach

Sometimes on the cruise we were moored at night in the middle of the river and sometimes we were tethered to the river bank.

This morning we woke up tied to what appeared to be rather a steep river bank. At breakfast we were each given a $1 USD note which would be our payment to the drivers of the ox carts who would, this morning, take us for a short ride.

One of the ladies on the cruise had not long ago had a hip operation and she decided there was no way she was going to chance climbing up that steep river bank in case she slipped and fell. We were all so sympathetic to this dear lady and could fully understand how she didn't want to make things worse for herself if she slipped under such circumstances. The crew tried to impress upon her how they would be there every step of the way hanging on to her but she'd made her mind up and would not budge on the matter.


Freight is ferried across the riverThe river bank and transport business going on as per usual - our view from the back of the boat


We meet the oxen and the funny little ox carts

When it was time to leave the boat and climb up the slope we all found it wasn't as bad as we had feared. There were certainly plenty of hands to help those who were less able.

We stood in line and every couple of minutes a pair of oxen would approach the awaiting passengers with a quaint cart attached to them. You had to slide yourself backwards up on the cart on your bottom. There were rugs to help the sliding process - it might have been splinters in bottoms otherwise. Ian slid onto our cart first and was then able to help drag me in backwards. There wasn't a lot of room so I had to sit in between Ian's legs and then bring my legs up closer to my chest to fit the length of the cart. It was quite comical to see everyone clambering in to the carts. We paid our driver our American dollars, he took our photo and then off we went.

To say it was a hot ride was an under statement. You could feel your legs burning in the sun/heat straight away. Our ride lasted about 20 minutes and it was good to see village life up close. Children ran alongside the carts offering little items they had made and handing us small flowers.


Our ride on the ox cartUs two ready to move off on the ox cart
The next oxen behind out cartTwo scary looking faces were only a couple of feet in front of my face


Some of the passengers had pencils and other stationery they had pre purchased back home to hand out to the children. We wished we had known to do that.


The Ox Cart Rides - Photos

Extra photos of the oxen and the carts - River Cruise Advisor

At the end of the ox cart ride we were ushered onto waiting air conditioned buses and taken to our next stop which was 45 minutes away.



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