Buddhist temple at Oudong


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Oudong Buddhist Complex

Oudong was once the royal residence and capital of Cambodia for around 250 years up to 1866. It is about 40 km. north-west of Phnom Penh.

It sits at the foothill of Mt. Phnom Oudong. We weren't going to see the mountain which happens to be dotted with stupas and shrines though. We were going to visit the very large Oudong Buddhist monastery and meditation centre.


Buddhist temple at OudongEntrance to the Buddhist temple, monastery and meditation centre




Once inside the grounds we could see just how large and grand this place is. I don't think any of us were expecting anything as majestical as this. It almost shone with "gold-ness".

Buddhist temple at OudongFabulous temple and manicured grounds


With the monk at the temple at OudongThe two of us behind one of the monks

A blessing by the monks

We were told we needed to remove our shoes before entering but socks were OK to keep on. We all quietly tip toed in and sat in a semi circle on the floor. We were going to partake in a blessing ceremony. Two monks sat in front of us, one with a beautiful bowl of Jasmine flowers on the floor in front of him. Whilst our eyes were closed the monk accidentally whacked the bowl of flowers and sent them flying. It startled us all. We all accepted the monks' blessing and then wandered around the huge temple taking photos which was quite permissible.

After this we descended the steps and wandered around the other parts of the monastery.

It was the middle of the day and lunch had already been served. We came across a group of people very cheerfully washing dishes. We were shown the outside of various buildings but of course, were not permitted to enter.

Around the corner we found children happily bagging up their lunch time left-overs. These bags of food were to be given to the less fortunate.

Apparently both breakfast and lunch are served quite early and no further food is eaten until the next day.



Dish washing timeDishes cheerfully being washed
Left over food being bagged up.Children bagging up left over food for those less fortunate


It was time for us to return by bus to the boat for lunch. It was a short 15 minute bus ride.



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