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Wharf in Phnom PenhWe start off the new day with a new wharf

A different wharf in Phnom Penh

It was morning time and we woke up with a bit of a start. It was dark in our cabin but it was 7 a.m. Of course it was dark because we were still tied up low in the water and under the wharf. We hurriedly shot out of bed because our day of excursions was starting at 8:30 a.m. and we had breakfast to eat before we left.

Surprisingly, by the time we had breakfast the boat had shifted to another wharf. This place was much different to the first wharf. We weren't below ground level for starters. A much better outlook indeed.

There was a big stairway up to road level and there waiting for us were two buses. Our first stop was to the King's Palace. We had been forewarned to wear long pants and have covered shoulders as a mark of respect.



The King's Palace

The bus dropped us off not far from the palace. We had a short walk to the entrance. Surprisingly there were not many people waiting to get in but once inside it was quite busy. There were huge numbers of birds wheeling around everywhere.

Birds circling around the King's Palace areaBirds circled around everywhere

The kings of Cambodia have occupied the palace since the 1860's. It sits near the junction of the Ton Le Sap River and the Mekong River. The Ton Le Sap is the river we had been travelling down onboard the Adventurer. Earlier on we had thought we were travelling along the Mekong River but no, we weren't.


The Royal Palace - Learn Facts

Information about the Royal Palace - Explanation and photos of all the main buildings


Building within the King's Palace compoundThe buildings were stunning
Stupa within the palace groundsOne of many stupas in the grounds of the palace












The Silver Pagoda

We had to remove our shoes before entering. Sections of the floor were made from silver but very little of it could be seen because it was covered up with soft carpet. Apparently there are over 5,000 silver tiles on the floor.

The Silver Pagoda was interesting but it was completely full of tourists so you couldn't get in close to see much.

We wandered around other buildings and saw several of the grey stupas where members of the royal family's remains are kept.


The National Museum

Back on the bus we next went to the National Museum. For me, this museum was very heavy going although Ian seemed to enjoy it.



National MuseumStunning red colour of the museum
National Museum of CambodiaIan in the manicured gardens


The building was inaugurated in 1920. It contains the world's largest collection of Khmer art, sculptures, ceramics and bronze items dating back to pre-historic times. Our guide gave some informative talks but standing up for ages in this non air-conditioned building was starting to affect me. I was actually glad to get outside and leave the artifacts behind.


National Museum Of Cambodia - Information chart

Find out when the museum is open and the ticket costs - Visitor information

I didn't know this at the time, but, here is an unusual fact for you "... the roof space is home to the largest bat colony in the world living in an artificial structure. Every evening these bats flock out of the roof and swarm around in the sky before searching for food...". Now that is something I would like to have seen as long as the bats didn't head in my direction.

The Raffles Hotel in Phnom PenhRaffles Hotel in Phnom Penh


From the Museum we were taken to the Raffles Hotel. Some of the group had wanted to wander through a nearby market after the museum but we chose to head with a group of others to the foyer of the Hotel where we could wait for them. It was divine to sit in comfy chairs in such a sumptuous place, plus of course it was air conditioned.

What a wondrous lunch we had too. We have certainly been spoiled when it has come to food on this holiday. Cruiseco were doing a splendid job of looking after us.

There was a huge range of both hot and cold foods plus cheeses, desserts and drinks too, finished off by a coffee if you had room to fit it in.

Time to head off again on the bus.........



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