A quiet day onboard the Adventurer


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Border crossing into Vietnam

There were no excursions today. We were travelling along the Mekong channel heading to Vietnam. The staff were busy ensuring the border crossing into Vietnam went smoothly. We stayed onboard all day long, relaxing and chatting and being entertained by staff members, not to mention eating copious amounts of delicious food.

In the lounge area you could drink tea and coffee all day long and eat small edibles made in the kitchen. One of the edibles I particularly liked was the peanut brittle. This was all serve yourself fare which was nice and casual. Alcoholic drinks were of course available at the bar if required. I liked the herbal tea. By that time I had a sore throat so I can tell you I drank gallons of tea to ease my throat - but I like tea anyway!



Rosie the Cruiseco coordinator on the Adventurer boatThe very lovable Rosie, our cruise coordinator



After lunch Rosie, the cruise coordinator and one of the other staff did a napkin folding demonstration. They also showed us how to fold towels into unusual shapes too. After that we were shown how to turn down the petals on a lotus flower to make them even prettier. Some of us had trouble getting the hang of it (me included) but we persevered and were pleased with our end results.

Folding the lotus petalsWe folded the outer petals back under themselves


Later one of the chefs gave us a lesson on how to make rice paper rolls. Another chef gave us a fruit and vegetable carving demonstration. We enjoyed this quiet day onboard.

In the late afternoon we began cruising the Vietnam part of the Mekong River. The outside air had become very smoky and it was not pleasant up on deck.

Dinner followed later and then the staff put on an evening's entertainment. One of the reception boys had quite an outstanding voice which amazed us all.

Off to beddie byes and I hope my sore throat feels better when I wake up tomorrow morning.



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