Sa Dec where we come across the Getaway film crew and Dicko


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The Brickworks

This morning the weather seemed cooller. Good!

Our first excursion was to the brickworks so we set off in two little motor boats,


The brick works at Sa DecWe climb off the motor boats at the brick works


There were several brick works in the area plus many other small businesses along the water's edge. The bricks made here were a different shape to those we generally see in Australia. They were much flatter and had more holes in them.

We stopped to look at some very archaic looking machinery that made the bricks. We saw large ovens where the bricks are baked.

Old machinery used to make bricks at Sa DecOld machinery still in use today for brick making
Thousands of stacked bricksStacked bricks



A French Colonial Mansion

Our next stop was to a very ornate house that belonged to a wealthy Chinese family. There was once a love affair between a French girl, Marguerite Duras and Huynh Thuy Le. Marguerite was 15 years old and Huynh was 27 years old. Huynh's parents owned the home. The pair were never permitted to marry. Both sets of parents thought the match was ridiculous because they each thought the other family was below them in status.

A book was written about their affair and a movie followed after that. This house featured in the movie even though the two lovers never actually lived together in the house.

This beautiful house is now regarded as a national relic and is open to the public. It is full of inlaid furniture and exquisite antiques. Whilst we were there we were seated and given ginger tea and candied ginger.


Exterior of the Lovers HouseOutside of the lovers house
Inside the Lovers HouseIt was incredibly ornate inside


Who should we find filming at the house but the Getaway television crew who seemed to be following us throughout Cambodia.


"Getaway" - Travel Show

Starring Ian "Dicko" Dickson - We saw them everywhere along the Mekong

Ian "Dicko" Dickson and the Getaway film crew travelled on the Scenic Explorer - a boat we saw heaps of times.Ian "Dicko" Dickson with the Getaway travel crew. They were cruising on the Scenic Explorer boat. Dicko is sitting to the right of the lady.


We head back on board our little motor boats for the next short journey.



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