Sa Dec - We wander the streets


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Streets of Sa Dec

We climbed off the boats at a very busy shopping/market area. You can see one of the two boats in the photo below - just the other side of the bridge.

Sa Dec streetsWe climb off the boat and check out the local scenery


A short distance down the road was a rather large fresh food market.

Fresh food marketEverything you could imagine was for sale


Here we saw some very interesting foods, many of which were still alive. As we wandered between the stalls we had to smartly hop out of the way of various delivery people. Life in this market was busy and we were holding up the proceedings. This was not the sort of place to wear sandals. Water-proof, enclosed shoes were a must or your feet would be doused with some very un savoury looking liquids.

We saw every type of greenery imaginable plus an assortment of meats, fish and frogs - alive and also skinned.


32 varieties of rice are grownDaily life in the market
Skinned frogs for purchaseSkinned frogs ready for purchase


32 types of rice

We stopped to gaze into a rice shop. Our guide told us there were 32 types of rice grown and sold in the area. We were astounded at this fact.

Next came a lesson on how to cross busy Vietnamese roads. We had to cross one of them to get to a Buddhist temple we were about to visit.

First thing was to remember that traffic flows the opposite way to how it does here in Australia. So we had to look to our left, pick a small break in the traffic and step down off the kerb. Once we had stepped down we were not to hop back or look hesitant in any way. The idea was to be forceful. So, step down and start marching off to the other side of the road. Traffic then diverted around each of us.

If we were to be hesitant the drivers wouldn't know our intentions so they would be more likely to hit us. It worked but I wouldn't like to do it too often. These were busy streets but they were at least not wide major roads. I wouldn't be very confident on a bigger road.


Buddhist Temple in Sa DecBuddhist Temple
Life on the Mekong RiverBoating Ife on the river


Buddhist Temple

The temple we walked to was very old and beautiful. Shortly after the temple visit we walked the short distance back to the motor boats and were taken back to the Adventurer for our lunches.



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