The end of our Adventurer cruise


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Our last dinner on the Adventurer was splendid

As would be totally expected on the Adventurer, our last meal was fabulous. All the meals have been delicious.

Birthdays and anniversaries have been celebrated in style. Celebratory cakes were delivered to tables by Rosie whenever there was an event. Rosie was always on top of everything with her glowing smile and willingness to help every one of us at every opportunity.

She is such as asset to the cruise company and she performs well above what any employer could expect.



Leaving the Adventurer

We were advised to have our luggage outside our cabin doors by 7:30 a.m. at latest on the following morning. We all did that and headed off to our final breakfast on the boat.

Disembarkation went smoothly. The wharf area was a bit grotty but then I suppose wharves aren't generally pretty places. Two buses were waiting on the wharf and they transported us to Hi Chi Minh City (Saigon). The bus ride took two hours.



Nearby boat at the wharfView from our cabin before we disembarked
Bus reversing inBus reversing in to collect us and our luggage


Hotel Caravelle in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City was a frantic place as you would expect from any large city. The hotel looked huge from the outside and it was certainly spectacular inside.

Booking in to our rooms was done up on the third floor of the building. It seemed to take quite a while for us 60+ guests to be signed in. Passports, of course, had to be examined and processed. This involved standing for a while in a long queue. When we got to our room we found it was a double as opposed the twin beds we had requested. A phone call to staff soon sorted that out. We were moved from 17th to 20th floor when we changed rooms.

Bedroom at Hotel Caravelle, Ho Chi Minh CityOur bedroom at the Hotel Caravelle in Ho Chi Minh City


Hotel CaravelleThe front of the Caravelle on the right side of the photo
We could see the river from our roomView from our window at Hotel Caravelle in Saigon


The Hotel Caravelle became a peaceful haven whilst we were in the city. It also later became a sick room with Ian also becoming quite unwell.



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