We find the tall Bitexco building


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Bitexco buildingThe Bitexco Tower

The tall building "calls" us again

Back on the bus it was time to move off again. Next stop was the Post Office building and Notre Dame Cathedral followed by lunch. I asked the tour guide if we could be taken off the bus somewhere close to the Post Office building. We knew our way back to the Hotel Caravelle from there and it wasn't too long a walk. We had already been inside the Post Office building the day before and Ian certainly didn't need to see the inside of a cathedral when he felt so awful.

Back at the hotel Ian collapsed onto his bed and there he stayed for a few hours. He was exhausted. I tried to entertain myself quietly so he could sleep but it is a bit hard to be quiet when you are blowing your nose every five minutes.

Later in the afternoon Ian thought he might be well enough to walk to the tall building lookout that we had been searching for yesterday. It turns out it wasn't too far from the hotel but in the totally opposite direction to where we had walked the day before.

In the lobby of the building we paid for our tickets to ride up to the lookout section. No sooner did we get out of the lift than Ian had to sit down. If he hadn't sat down right then I think he would have collapsed. He really looked very poorly.

It was a fabulous view from the enclosed viewing platform on the 49th floor. We were so glad we had finally found the building and didn't miss the view.


View from the top of Bitexco

View from the Bitexco building


We came back down in the lift, found a taxi and went straight back to the hotel. We had no idea what sort of tip to give the driver. We weren't even familiar with Vietnamese currency so we waffled around trying to work out what to pay the man. One of the hotel doormen could see we were struggling so he helped us and told us what sort of a tip was suitable. I think we were ready to give the taxi driver way too much for his tip. Thank goodness for helpful hotel doormen! The ride ended up costing us only $3.60 in Australian currency which was lovely and cheap.

Once back in our room Ian collapsed into bed again. We both wondered how he would fare getting on the plane to come home. In fact how would we BOTH fare. Would either of us be running a temperature, would they check us and refuse to let us on the plane. The issue didn't bear thinking about. We needed to get home.

After a couple of hours I felt a tad hungry. Neither of us had eaten anything since breakfast. Ian was way too unwell to come with me to get dinner so I had to go out on my own. I remembered a restaurant that looked nice from our wanderings yesterday and it was close enough from the hotel for me to not get lost. Ian was worried about me going out alone in the dark but I assured him I knew what I was doing. He asked me to bring him back a bread roll and a can of coke. He felt he had gas inside him that needed to come up. So, off I went, secretly hoping myself that I would be OK.

Pad Tahi mealPad Thai meal that was much larger than it looks in this photo


Pad Thai for my dinner

Sure enough I found the little restaurant and I went upstairs and had a delicious feed of Pad Thai, one of my favourite dishes of all time. I went back to the hotel via Lucky Plaza and found a bread roll and a can of coke for Ian. I also bought two Picnic bars which we are both rather partial to.

A while later Ian ate some of the bread roll and finished off the remainder of the cheese from yesterday. I think the can of coke did him some good too.

We went to bed hoping we'd wake up feeling and looking much better in the morning. We had to be able to board the plane home.



Time to go home

We were up early for breakfast. I don't think either of us ate our value's worth of breakfast. They serve a most magnificent buffet at this hotel. I can truly recommend it. I'd love to eat there again if we are ever back in Ho Chi Minh City.

Shortly after, all the Cruiseco passengers gathered in the hotel foyer. We had to put our luggage in a certain spot and it was taken to the airport for us. A few of us were going straight back to Perth but some were holidaying further afield. The condition we were in made us only want to go home.

We had to stop and swap planes at Singapore and sadly had a three hour wait there but we survived it. At no point did anyone question our health. We particularly worry about this sort of thing because my brother once got turfed off a plane when he had a very slight nose bleed.

We got back in to Perth airport slightly late, we found our car in the airport car park and drove ourselves (well Ian did the driving) back to Bunbury. We fell in to bed sometime after 3 a.m.

My cold slowly got better and Ian got better too but we never found out what was really wrong with him. I suppose it was some sort of virus he picked up. That's what we will blame anyway.

We loved our holiday but it is always lovely to come home.



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