We're off to Tasmania


It's now 30th December 2012. We've both been so busy with work that we didn't have a holiday in 2012. We haven't even had time to plan something adventurous for 2013. It's a sad state of affairs when you don't even have time to plan a holiday. One can always dream of exotic holidays but we haven't even had time to dream. But.....

.......we're off to Tasmania on 7th January 2013. Not a skerrick of planning has gone into this short holiday - well at least not on our part.


Tasmania in summer is very appealing

I'll back-track a bit. Ian retired a week ago but I still have the pressed metal business to run. Actually I think Ian will now help me in this regard. January is always a quiet time in the pressed metal industry. In fact it is quiet for the building industry in general.

January really is a logical time for us to go on a holiday. It's too cold in the northern hemisphere for a holiday in January but somewhere further south of us in the southern hemisphere should, conversely, be just a perfect temperature at this time of year. We have decided to go on a quick holiday to Tasmania. Neither of us have been there before. Initially we thought we might drive around the island state ourselves because Ian is a professional driver by trade. He was quite happy to do that but I felt it wouldn't be a holiday for him if he constantly had his eyes on the road. A "bus man's holiday", I think they say.


We opt for a coach tour of Tassie

We set off to see Nikki at the travel agency. She strongly advised against Ian driving around Tasmania. She said the roads are quite bendy and the scenery is fabulous. If you are the driver you miss too much of the scenery and the beauty of the place because you are concentrating so much on the driving aspect.


We hope we enjoy this mode of travel

So, seeing there are no trains in Tasmania, we have opted for a guided coach tour. Heaven knows how we will get on with it. Neither of us are keen on large groups that are going to get herded around like a mob of cows. Everyone assures us we will be fine and that we will have a ball so hopefully they are correct. The payment for the holiday is made and we'll be setting off in just over a week's time. I think we are gone for a total of 14 days. We are touring with Evergreen Tours and they seem to have an excellent track record in the tourism industry.


Flying to Tasmania

We fly out of Perth on Monday 7th January and we land back in Perth on Sunday 20th January. We are going with Virgin Airlines which is an airline we've not travelled with before. I think they are budget class but I sincerely hope they are not as bad as Jetstar. We all vowed we would never travel with Jetstar again - EVER!

I have no real idea of our itinerary but I understand we will be travelling roughly anti clock-wise around Tasmania. On the next page I will detail our itinerary and I'll find out myself, for the first time, exactly what we will be doing and seeing whilst in Tasmania.

It will be strange going on a holiday where we aren't taking toilet paper, head lights, plastic plates, knives and forks and all the other necessary items we have to take on our more "adventurous" trips. It's also strange to go away on a holiday that hasn't been meticulously researched in advance by us.


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Some of the roads we'll travel in Tasmania.

Hobart is where our Tasmanian tour will start