A Stressful Day In Darwin - Part 2

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Getting to the East Point Military Museum

We knew we wouldn't have time to fit in the 10 minute walk to get back to the bus stop before the next bus. So, we sat around for a while and then shot off back down the hill just in time for the very next one.

Whilst waiting at the bus stop we passed the time of day with two Aboriginal men. They didn't feel bus #4 would get us anywhere near the East Point Military Museum despite our brochure indicating it would.


Darwin buses

Bus #4 arrives and we check with the driver about our destination. He says it doesn't go to the East Point Military Museum and that we would be best off if we waited for bus #6 as that would get us closer.

I asked him how long it would be before bus #6 came and he indicated behind me. It wasn't an indication the bus was appearing. It was his way of telling me to look at the timetable behind me on the wall of the bus shelter. Alright then - that's what we'll do. Ian checked the timetable and he discovered bus #6 wouldn't be along for nearly an hour. Bugger again and again! How much more hanging around in the heat can a hot, sweaty body stand?

Trying to get a taxi in Darwin

After a while we decided to ring for a taxi to get to the East Point Military Museum that way. Plenty of taxis were flying past us so we easily spotted a phone number on the side of the cars. The taxi call centre assured Ian that a taxi was not far away at all. Well we waited and waited. For over 40 minutes we waited. It was 2.30 p.m. and we had not eaten for hours (a repeat of yesterday almost). The call centre was right in saying a taxi was not far away. We saw literally dozens of them fly right past us but none were stopping to collect us! Grrrh!

We ended up giving up on the taxi altogether and decided to hop on bus #6 which was then due within 10 minutes. We were hoping there was somewhere to eat out near the EPMM. Bus comes gliding along. Ian asks driver does he go to the EPMM. Driver says "No". He explained he could take us slightly closer but then we would still have a 1.5 kilometre walk to actually get to the museum.

With thoughts of a 1.5 kilometre walk to get back to the bus stop again, after the museum visit, we simply gave up on the spot. We couldn't handle any more hot walks anywhere! We clambered up on his bus and said we'd just sit on there until he did his full circle and got back into the bus depot back in the city.

The photos below were taken from the bus windows and illustrate the lush greenery of the tropics. Ian particularly liked the red bamboo.

Palm trees
Bamboo at the hotel
Red bamboo

When we eventually got back into the city it was about 3.30 p.m. We were starving so we went back to the Centrepoint Cafe which was luckily still open. We collapsed into our seats and devoured a chicken salad each. The meals only cost us $6 each.

More plam trees to oggle over More lovely palm trees right in the city


So, we drag our feet back to the hotel going past Woolies and Bakers Delight to get some fruit and some nice scones plus some edibles for a quick breakfast at the hotel tomorrow morning. We really are very knackered. We're quite happy to leave Darwin tomorrow. We're too old for all this heat and humidity. We feel we wasted a whole day (well almost) sitting around waiting for buses that weren't ever going to get us to places where the brochures had said they would. Plus we wasted precious time waiting for a taxi that never came. I can still remember the phone number of all the taxis that sailed past us (and weren't ours). It was 131008.


Now look at this and see what we should have used:

The Darwin Tour Tub bus


We had read about the Tour Tub bus, but us pair of sillies had decided against it for two reasons:

We thought $60 for the two of us was somewhat expensive for bus rides, and we thought there would be too much time spent hanging around waiting for the darn thing.

In hind sight we really wish we had used it. OK it would have cost us $60 but it would have saved us a heck of a lot of waiting and walking. Plus we would still have seen the East Point Military Museum. Read all about it here Tour Tub and don't be silly buggers like we were.

Back at the hotel we showered and rested up and later went out looking for dinner. We ended up at Nando's (right near the noisy birds) and each had a lovely steak burger with balsamic onions and salad. They cost $12 each and were delicious. We are ready for an early night. We have re-packed our bags ready for our journey on The Ghan tomorrow.



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