We Arrive In Adelaide And Visit Glenelg

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Taxis in Adelaide

As the Ghan pulled in to Adelaide's Keswick station we saw dozens upon dozens of taxis stationery, in a single line. Neither of us had ever seen so many taxis in one place before. It was explained to us that because it was Easter the taxi drivers didn't have as much work as usual so they were all waiting to get some fares from the Ghan travellers. Instead of using the luggage carriage on The Ghan we had kept our luggage with us so we were one of the first people to be off the train and into a cab. It seemed every cab driver was Indian. Our driver told us he had been in Oz. for two years.


The Mercure Grosvenor Hotel in Adelaide

We had been told to expect to pay about $10 to get into the city centre and our driver charged us $11.40 so he didn't attempt to rip us off which was nice. In no time we were at the Mercure Grosvenor Hotel.

Our oom in the Mercure Grosvenor View of our room in the Mercure Grosvenor
Another view of the hotel room Another view of our room









Bathroom in the Mercure Grosvenor in Adelaide Bathroom ate Mercure Grosvenor

It seems to be a huge hotel - I don't know how many rooms are here. We are on the fourth floor in a Queen sized standard room. The room is nothing special but it is quite roomy. The carpets are a bit grotty and there is no view - they are the only problems really. We have to step up in to the bathroom which we must remember if we get up in the night to use the loo. The location is tops being so central.

The tram to Glenelg

We quickly dumped our gear in our room and set off to find the tram to Glenelg. Our time is Adelaide is very limited and we have several places we want to go. As we head out through the lobby who should we see but Barbara and Tony, the vision impaired people off the train. What a small world.

The tram stop was very close to the hotel. We had so been looking forward to riding the old historic tram that we had read so much about but that didn't happen. We had a much newer version. We opted for an all-day pass which cost us $8 each. We could have got a cheaper ticket but it would have only lasted us two hours and we felt we would be in Glenelg for quite a while.

The old style trams of Adelaide The old style tram we hoped to ride in
The new style of trams The new style trams








It took 20 minutes to get to Glenelg and it was a very interesting ride. We saw lots of well preserved old homes.

Sunny afternoon in Glenelg

It was after 2 p.m. so we were feeling peckish. We found a fish and chip shop and sat out in the fresh air and sunshine to eat our purchases. Cost $8.50 each.

Glenelg has a wonderful tourist area with fountains Glenelg Square with the fountains
Water slides in Glenelg The big water slides








Grand Stamford Hotel Grand Stamford hotel Glenelg

Glenelg's wonderful outdoor area

Glenelg has the most beautiful outdoor area imaginable. Lots of huge palm trees with timber seats around them. In the square there were fountains of water that popped up from the concrete floor. The height and frequency of the shoots of water were varying so therefore it was a lovely watery playground for younger children. The weather was perfect. Who would choose to be anywhere else than here on such a day. The whole area was packed with tourists. It is a real beachy seaside suburb. The photograph of the Stamford above really doesn't do it justice.

The glenelg Town Hall The Glenelg Town Hall


Glenelg's historic Town Hall

We had read about the Bay Discovery Centre. It is housed in Glenelg's historic Town Hall. Here you can go on a totally free historical journey - that's providing you are not here on Easter Friday. We were and it was closed so that was a great disappointment. Better luck next time. Instead we ambled around looking at all the family-centred attractions instead. There were camel and donkey rides, two big water slide areas, a Ferris wheel, old fashioned merry go round and many more activities. What a wonderful place to bring children too. We wished our Bunbury had something like this.

We just wandered around looking at all the old buildings in the back streets. So many old buildings here in Adelaide have been retained. It really is a credit to the heritage of this city. In Bunbury, where we come from, there are not many older buildings left. Its such a shame.



Glenelg was lovely - all nice and clean. No silly behaviour and no alcohol allowed in the main Square area near the beach. A lot of families having a ball in the Easter sunshine.

Late in the afternoon we took the tram back to the CBD. Again we got one of the newer trams. We like the pictures on the sides of the newer trams. The pictures cover the windows but you can still see out from the inside.



The Rundle Mall Bronze Pigs

Got back to the Mercure Grosvenor Hotel and put the kettle on for a much needed cuppa. We managed to eat a couple of the Easter Eggs we had been given on The Ghan at that point. A quick recovery and we were back on the streets for a wander around. We didn't go very far but still managed to get lost. Really we were looking for the Adelaide Central Markets which we had read about. We had hoped they would be open during the two days we were in the city but, of course, because it was Easter, they were closed. We came across some pigs cast in bronze in the Rundle Street Mall. They were brilliant so of course they all had to get photographed. Here are a couple of shots:

Bronze pig in rundle Street Piggy (not Jean) eating rubbish from the bin
This pig is on a mission Piggy on a mission








Subway in Adelaide

Because we had a late fish and chips lunch we weren't really all that hungry come dinner time. Both of us love subway so we found a shop and decided to have a foot long roll between us. We were the only customers in the shop the whole time. We asked for minimal red onion and minimal olives plus sweet chilli sauce. The girl serving us either didn't hear our request or maybe she doesn't understand the word "minimal". I've never seen so much onion or olives in one roll. Plus the roll was flooded with sauce.

Our mouths were burning and our lips were stinging. That's the only time we've ever had a lousy Subway roll. Perhaps previous customers have been disappointed with their rolls and that's why the shop was so empty the whole time we were there. They all knew what to expect.

Back at the hotel we found our timetable for Hahndorf and we are going to head there tomorrow. We had our well needed showers and attempted to watch Rebus on TV, with a cup of tea in hand of course! The TV was in quite a bad position in the room and we couldn't move it so by the time the show finished we had sore necks.



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